Delivering Innovative Power Technology Solutions

Hybrid APU leverages existing and new patent applications, micro- power generation resources, and substantial development experience in creating next generation advances in distributed energy technology.

The Circular Economy Approach to Energy

  • Ultra Efficient, cost effective energy production: to reduce fuel input

  • Emissions reduction: to eliminate waste and pollution

  • Emissions capture and (waste) management

  • Waste Recycling: to regenerate nature

About Us

Hybrid APU was established in 2020 by its founder to develop integrated power solutions for business and industry that incorporate both the strength of proven technologies and evolving innovative designs that enable a transition to an energy future of zero emissions, eco-effectiveness and high efficiency and productivity.

As an engineering design and consulting firm, Hybrid’s team of specialists have the background and expertise to provide our clients with the transformative product requirements that will deliver benefits in terms of relevancy, cost reduction, product differentiation and productivity results. Together our employees and independent contractors offer specialized services in the areas of electronics, mechanical, electrical and chemical engineering as well as in advanced data communications. Altogether our team members have designed, developed and implemented patented energy solutions for customers on three continents.

Our Mission

Today’s rapidly changing landscape in energy generation relates to several challenging factors including an aging and increasingly vulnerable electric grid, negative environmental impacts brought on by the increasing world population,  the ecological impact of global warming on plant and animal life, and the fragility of continued mismanagement of fuel emissions.  Our mission at Hybrid APU is to enable our clients to adapt their technical methodologies and energy practices to manage, maintain, and even surmount these difficulties in ways that will benefit themselves and bolster the circular economy to which we all belong.  It is our experience that challenges often drive creativity, and a singular individual creative approach will ultimately benefit the collective whole while producing significant economic advantages for the entrepreneur.



Hybrid APU was founded by DONALD WILLIAMS, FOUNDER AND CEO, who has over 35 years of experience in power generation, HVAC and data communications systems. He has specialized in technology development, design, manufacturing and business development.

As an Inventor in the field of Combined Heat and Power (CHP), Combined Cooling Heat and Power (CCHP), HVAC and Energy Storage (5 US Patents granted) including the design of micro-grid networks, Donald has spearheaded the design, build and deployment of variable speed and hybrid power generation systems for stationary, mobile and marine applications for large U.S. based and multinational companies.

He pioneered the development of CENTURION, C.A., the first commercial LMDS system in the world built in Maracaibo, Venezuela using licensed millimeter wave frequency that is currently being used for cellular 5G networks. That system was later sold to a US telecommunications carrier. In addition, he founded and developed the first Internet based VOIP system in the 90's which grew virally to more than 3mm registered customers.

Driven and resourceful, with an extensive industry network, Donald has been an agent for change capable of identifying opportunities and developing products and technology that deliver transformational change and performance. He works collaboratively with technical and manufacturing functions to develop new products to meet customer demands, create niche markets, and improve market positioning.


Dario has a lifetime of experience in electronics and programming of real-time, embedded solutions.

This includes 25 years in mechanical engineering (machine design), 7 years in HVAC design (1 patent granted), and 2 years in internal combustion engine control systems design.

Guided by strong ideals of simplicity and effectiveness, he has the unique ability to see through the clutter and focus on the optimal solution.

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